Morag Gray

Studying Fashion Design at Edinburgh Art College in the exuberant 80’s led to a love of bright colours and interesting textures, and Morag enjoys inspiring others to discover their own creative palette!

Taking several C&G courses in embroidery opened up a whole new box of textile tricks! Working in sketchbooks stuffed with samples and exploring inspiration of all sorts amongst other creative people was such a wonderful way to learn new techniques.  Morag’s classes continue this positive and stimulating learning experience.

Patience and imagination are more useful than experience and needlework skills. Morag is particularly keen to encourage youngsters to enjoy making merry with material and there is always plenty peer support and fun in working alongside others in a creative setting.

Morag currently teaches classes part-time and is available for day schools, and happy to work on textile-based community projects. Summer ’16 has seen a textile-covered “Oor Wullie” sculpture (designed and co-ordinated by Morag ) completed by Kalamkari ( for Archie’s Childrens’ Medical Charity.