About Our Workshops

ETTS offer two main types of workshops :-

1. Standard offering of ETTS workshops available to the public covering a wide range of techniques

These are advertised through our website, mailing list and on Facebook in the near future. The workshops are held at various venues across Scotland so they are as accessible to as many people as possible.

ETTS workshops have a set fee for each participant – this is £35 per person plus any materials that the tutor may provide.

Most classes need to have a set amount of participants to make each event viable as we are a non profit making group therefore if not enough people sign up then it will be cancelled with a full refund given. If a participant pulls out and there is no class waiting list then the participant will either need to get a substitute or forfeit the workshop cost to enable payment of both the venue hire and the tutors fee.

2. Direct booking of individual ETTS tutors to deliver a talk and/or a workshop

Individually booked ETTS tutors will set their own fee and terms and conditions for talks and workshops. This should be agreed up front at the time of the booking.

Where an individual ETTS tutor is booked it is the responsibility of the person in charge of the booking to arrange a venue with input from the tutor to make sure it is suitable for the talk/workshop.

Due to the current Covid restrictions all talks and workshops must be conducted via Zoom and it is the responsibility of the person in charge of the booking to ensure an appropriate licenced version of Zoom is available.

Once the Covid restrictions are lifted it is our intention to continue to deliver talks and workshops via Zoom as they have proven to be popular and a great way of reaching people far and wide.

Contact details for our tutors can be found here.