About ETTS

History of Embroidery and Textile Tutors – Scotland (ETTS)

ETTS was born from a group called ‘Scottish Embroidery Tutors’ (SET) in the early 1990’s.

SET was conceived by Jean Anderson, sadly no longer with us, who was a driving force in the Embroiderers’ Guild. Embroidery tutors living in Scotland were formed into a group to provide classes for students of any level of ability. Day classes were held in Glasgow Caledonian University on Saturdays, followed by a move to Dunblane Victoria Halls. Stitching holidays were arranged in the University at St Andrews. These proved popular for a long while.

Times changed, tutors retired, students got older or moved away. Venues got more expensive and prohibitive. The group looked in dire need of a fresh injection of new ideas.

An open meeting was held in Dunblane in 2015 which resulted in 10 new members joining the group. With the new members outnumbering the ‘oldies’ it was felt that a fresh start with a new name would be appropriate and ETTS was born. All our members are Embroiderers’ Guild members, have experience passing on skills to others, and have had training in the textile / embroidery / art field.

We remain true to our main ‘reason d’être’ which is to pass on our talents to others, but we also meet in friendship to update our skills with an in-service weekend every October.

ETTS hopes to promote good practice and development in embroidery and textile arts by hosting classes/workshops throughout Scotland and/or by tutors being booked by groups to teach their individual skills in a chosen area of expertise.

All qualified in some aspect of embroidery and textile arts our tutors are regularly assessed by an independent artist working in the field of textiles, these assessors are changed regularly to ensure impartiality.